5th May 2020, Tuesday

730pm NZT

Via Zoom Livestream

In aid of Yoga Gives Back's efforts to help women and children struggling to survive in India during COVID-19, I am hosting a nourishing and restorative (45mins) session to bring your mind and body back into harmony. This class is all about slowing down and opening our bodies through passive stretching allowing our muscles to relax deeply. The resonance of the singing bowls, will help us to stay tuned into our bodies and breath for the perfect harmony of mind, body connection.

If you have yoga props like yoga bolsters, blocks great - otherwise, we will use household items like large bath towel(s)/blanket(s), cushions and pillows and a chair.

The underserved women and children in India are deeply affected by the COVID-19 situation with no government subsidy or means to work to generate income. With schools shut, children have no means to continue their education and young girls are facing the threat of being married off underage.

If you can, no matter how small, please kindly make a donation, all proceeds to this class will go to YOGA GIVES BACK. $10 will go a long way to help a woman or child in need.

Pay it forward. Thank you for your kindness.

Please donate below. If you donated, but can't attend live, I will send a recording to you afterwards. Once you have donated via paypal (you can also use my email elina@comesnaturally.co.nz to send payment)


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