Mindfulness in the Workplace
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Today there is a great deal of research to prove the mindfulness helps to improve wellness, enhance performance, and improve workplace culture.

Benefits for employers and employees


Employers and their teams will learn grounded and powerful mindfulness techniques that can be applied at work to improve wellness, focus, engagement and productivity.

Mindfulness has been shown to reduce workplace stress, anxiety and reactivity, reduce absenteeism and healthcare costs, increase energy levels, resilience and facilitate great working relationships. Your staff will feel valued and your organisation will be a better place to work. Our course is part of a global, evidence-based, mindfulness movement used in companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Apple and Harvard Business School to dramatically increase wellness, creativity and purpose-driven performance. 

Get in touch with me to discuss the various training options available to your organisation depending on your needs and workforce size. Email: elina@comesnaturally.co.nz

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