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Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace

I offer expert advice and support for business owners to create a strategy to improve awareness and management of mental health & wellbeing in workplaces 


I specialise in stress management and improving the mental health of the workforce, consulting and advising what business owners can do to support their employees' resilience and general health to navigate future change and overcome the challenges of disruptions faced by the tourism industry.

Employers and their teams will learn grounded and powerful mindfulness techniques that can be applied at work to improve wellness, focus, engagement and productivity.

How I can help & support you:

- Expert advice on how to develop an organizational health & wellness strategy

- Recommendations on how to reduce and manage stress for the business and its employees

- Suggestions on how to motivate and increase employees' resilience

- Advice on improving the general health and coping skills to better navigate change & disruption

- Recommendations on implementing industry best practices on workplace mental health & wellbeing

- Advice on how to manage mental health problems at work

- Guidance on how to create messages/communications at work when facing disruptions

- Implementation of your health & wellness strategy through offering training/workshops/coaching sessions


How is this service delivered:

- In-person: Queenstown area

- Via Zoom: Nationwide



Organisational Health & Wellness

Research confirms that physical, social and mental wellbeing are closely interlinked, and that sickness absence is often a symptom of work stress and low engagement. Supporting employees to remain calm and mentally strong during times of change can help organisations stay robust and resilient to remain viable.



Improving organisational health & wellbeing have significant benefits :


* Improved health and wellness of workers

* A happier, more resilient workforce

* More engaged staff

* Increased worker performance

* Reduced absenteeism

* Better staff retention

* Reduced workplace accidents

* Reduced sick leave

* Increased loyalty

* Stronger employer/employee relationships

* Lower rate of injury, illness and sick pay cost

Get in touch with me to discuss the advisory,and implementation options available to your organisation depending on your needs and workforce size. Email:

Client Testimonials

“Elina came to our workplace and facilitated two 1.5 hours mindfulness sessions. I thought these would be very beneficial to our team, as our industry is, by essence, fast-paced, stressful, and all about multi-tasking. Both salespeople and administrative staff attended the workshop and both groups left with tools and tips about reducing and managing stress, learning how to be a better communicator, paying more attention to our surroundings and our triggers. Elina was super engaging and gave us some hands-on exercises to do on our own. The workshop is not intended to give you all the answers – as this wouldn’t be possible to do in a short 3 hours - but it is an excellent introductory course that leaves you thinking and makes you realize that small changes can make a big difference. I highly recommend this course to any managers who is looking at improving their employees’ wellbeing and performance at work.” 





Serena Mars, Office Manager, Bayleys Queenstown


"We organized a Mindfulness session led by Elina for our hotel team at Kamana Lakehouse in Queenstown. The team feedback is great: they truly enjoyed the workshop, found it very beneficial in their daily life and absolutely loved the mindfulness, relaxation and meditation techniques Elina shared during the workshop. The exercises were very well personalized to our team needs and took us on a discovery journey. Elina is professional, approachable and her nurturing nature provided our team with the safe space to open, be themselves, discover and improve. We recommend Elina's mindfulness workshop to all companies looking to improve productivity and well-being of their team."

Mario Sandulescu, General Manager, Kamana Lakehouse


"Thank you so much for the time, care, connection, support you have given us all over the last 5 weeks. We are all stronger and happier because of your insights and knowledge."



Christine Erkkila, General Manager, Kinross