What is Mindfulness and why we should practice?

Reduce anxiety | Improve Wellness | Sleep Better | Better Relationships

Overwhelming Mindfulness Research evidence shows that mindfulness boosts the immune system, intelligence, positive emotional states, self awareness, creativity, happiness, compassion and more…

Rather than worrying about what has happened or might happen, when we are ‘present’ (or Mindful) we deal with whatever is happening. As we become more skilled at managing our state of mind and emotional states, we gain resilience. Then, we are empowered to use our minds effectively instead of our minds running us ragged!

We start to see things as they really are (instead of how we imagine them to be through the filter of our story and habitual patterns), so can respond effectively and appreciate more fully.


  • Simple yet powerful techniques for daily life at home, work and school

  • Ancient wisdom backed by modern neuroscience

  • Evidence-based and non-religious

  • Mindfulness is for everyone

In-person/Online Coaching

For personalised mindfulness and meditation coaching for 

to help you manage your stress and find peace and calm

Business Brainstorm
Workplace Programs

I can create and tailor a solution that suits your organisation/team to reduce workplace stress and foster deeper relationships

Conference Meeting

For beginners mindfulness workshops in group settings