What you need to know about Meditation

15th April 2020, Wednesday

730pm NZT

Via Zoom Livestream

We know from many studies and research that there are many mental health benefits from a regular practice - from reducing stress, finding calm, sleeping better to strengthening relationships. Yet not more of us are meditating… 


  • Perhaps you are keen to start but don’t know how to?

  • Perhaps you tried it once or twice and gave up because you were sure you were not doing it right.

  • Perhaps you have been meditating for a while now and want to deepen your practice. 


In this online session, I will cover the following:


  • How to start a meditation practice? What you will need?

  • When to meditate, and how long and how often?

  • What are the common misconceptions of meditation?

  • What are the popular meditation techniques that you can learn?


I will also provide an opportunity for you to ask questions during this webinar.


Registration and ZOOM link

Please download the free Zoom app beforehand on your laptop or mobile. Once I have received your registration, you will receive the Zoom Link. Registration closes at Tuesday 8pm.


Cost: NZ$5 - all proceeds goes to Yoga Gives Back 



Elina is a certified yoga teacher, mindfulness & meditation coach who is passionate about helping people learn about how to create awareness in their own minds and bodies. To be comfortable in their own skin, to appreciate the power of their minds and are truly empowered to navigate skillfully during times of uncertainty. She has experienced the transformation herself through the practice of mindfulness and meditation to practice being in the present and now, to find joy and calm. Elina is based in the beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand and offers one-to-one mindfulness meditation coaching, workshops and events (online during Covid-19 lock down). 


YOGA GIVES BACK - yogagivesback.org


Yoga Gives Back is a non-profit organisation that provides Micro Loans and Education Funds to empower the poorest women and children in India. With no internet, no electricity, no running water, no hygiene kits, etc... The Covid-19 crisis is having a devastating effect on children in impoverished communities during this lockdown, including 100 million children in India who depend on school meals. Without access to paid sick leave or job security, child marriage will increase under financial pressure. Child abuse is on the rise. Many of us are sustained by the gift of yoga with access to online classes. Now more than ever, please join us to give back to empower our brothers and sisters in Mother India. Just $5 a month can make a huge difference. http://ow.ly/pzYC50zaYkb


Your ticket fee will go towards this amazing cause - so thank you very much! 

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