22nd Oct 2021, Friday


Sherwood Yoga & Wellbeing


Harness the energetic power of this full moon which offers the opportunity to surrender and release what is no longer serving you, to the soothing and harmonising sounds of my singing moon bowls.


Healing with the Tibetan or Himalayan Singing Bowls is an ancient natural form of vibrational healing. They have a powerful sound vibration, tuning the physical body on a cellular level and mind to the optimal resonance, where deep healing and transformation take place. It works on all levels, restoring one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


Let the mind be cleared, the body be recalibrated, and emotions balanced as you embrace inner stillness. No previous experience necessary to benefit from this absolutely calm and healing practice. 

You can expect to leave the space feeling calmer, clearer and refreshed.

* You may wish to bring a journal to pen down any insight from the meditation
* Choose to lie down or sit up
* Mat, blanket and bolster are available. Feel free to bring your own cozy blankets and/or eye masks.


Self-Investment: $25 (very limited spots available)

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