Body Scan

This 8mins body scan meditation is a simple guide for cultivating a body awareness practice.


This guided relaxation/visualisation exercise (12mins) helps to further relax the body and prepares the mind for relaxation. It also trains the brain to automatically  recognise the difference between tensed and fully relaxed muscles.

Free Guided Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls for Beginners

This is a five-minute guided meditation practice suitable for beginners or those with no prior experience using the Tibetan singing bowls to help us anchor our awareness to the deep relaxing sounds of the singing bowls. This practice helps to cultivate a calming and relaxing experience anytime, anywhere.


A Beginners Guide to Mindfulness

In this 3 part series of the beginners guide to Mindfulness, Elina will introduce the mindfulness practice, why we need it, especially now and how to practice it in our daily lives to manage stress levels and cultivate presence to experience every moment in our lives.


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