- Included in this guide are the tools and techniques that I teach my students in my 3-week meditation course for beginners.


About Elina

Elina is the founder of Comes Naturally Wellness and she is a Holistic Counsellor, Wellness & Mindfulness Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher. 


Right up to 2015,  Elina had a 15 year corporate marketing career where she lived and worked in London, Hong Kong and Singapore. She also felt the pressures of society to try and be that women that has it all, career, family, wealth and beauty etc... It wasn't a pretty sight as she pushed herself even further into work and over exercising at the expense of her health and well being. At the height of her career, plus a divorce she hit rock bottom. Her mind, body and soul were starving for self love, kindness and connection


It took her years of self care practices, and inner work to nourish and heal herself again. Whilst she is far from perfect, she knows that all the work she has done has truly transformed her life. She now has a healthy and wonderful relationship with herself.


From extensive training, learning and professional development, now her work and focus is on supporting women from burning out and constantly feeling overwhelm. She wants women to stop feeling like they are never doing enough or being good enough. 

"We spend too much time hearing and telling ourselves we are not enough. Not smart enough.      Not beautiful enough. Not successful enough. Not young enough. Not old enough. Not woke enough."

Originally from Singapore Elina first moved to Puerto Rico in 2015 to teach yoga on the beach, and since arrived and taught yoga full time in Wellington, New Zealand in August 2016 before moving to the beautiful Queenstown on the South Island.  Now based in New Zealand and Singapore, Elina hopes to bring the joys and benefits of holistic wellness through sharing the practice of mindfulness, meditation and yoga  within the local & international community.